Make a plan, follow it, take the trip!

Taking a long-term trip starts with the decision of doing it.

I swear this is the most difficult part. When you decide to be adventurous, to take the risk, to change your life, to be determined in realizing your dreams.. you already took the first step towards the destination. It seems easy but it’s not. Deciding to leave everything behind… your family, friends, bed, wardrobe, routine. It’s not easy at all! You have to convince yourself that you’re going to start all over again, without nothing and no one besides your own self. Taking a trip means taking a risk. So before taking this risk you have to ask yourself “Are you ready for this?!” If you really want it and if the positives aspects are more important than the negative ones, this means you’re ready to go.

I was ready to take my risk, or better… to follow my dream!

Since the first time I had been there, I’ve always dreamt about going back to that beautiful place which I hadn’t had the chance to live fully. I’m talking about California. The golden state, the place where everything can happen, where dreams come true and the sun always shines.

From the moment I decided to take my journey, and was firm with it, nothing counted anymore. I just wanted to plan everything and bring my vision to life. It’s like with a dance choreography, when you get your own inspiration, the only thing that matters is making that mind image become concrete, creating dance and emotion.. same with a story, you have it in mind but only when you start writing it or screenplaying it, it really comes to life. Taking a trip is the same. You can dream it, imagine it.. but it’s when you seriously start planning it and you are 100% sure of what you’re doing that the real trip starts.

So I planned everything.

When you plan, you have to make sure you don’t forget anything. You have to study every detail. “What’s the weather like in the place I’m about to go? Shall I bring summer clothes, winter clothes or both?” But besides this, you have to be informed about legal policies, such as the visas needed to enter the state and health care policies. This is really important and it can take you a while before you understand what you really need and eventually how to get it. After this boring and bureaucratic part, you can finally start organizing the fun part. Going shopping, preparing your camera, your headphones, your playlist for the plane trip, your notebook where you will write your emotions, the little gifts that your friends gave you before leaving as a lucky charm and so on.

Ok so.. suitcase ready, visa, self insurance, passport in the bag… camera, notebook in the backpack and playlist ready to play the first song (“Hotel California” in my case). Sounds like everything is done and we’re fully ready to start our adventure. But… here comes one of the most difficult part of leaving: the actual part of it. Saying goodbye to everyone, realizing that you don’t know when you’re going to see them again, and mostly.. realizing that now you there’s no turning back. This is the moment where you really start believing that what you dreamt about is actually becoming reality, and it is so scary that you’re starting to think if it will be worth it, if you took the right decision, if you can make it. Trust me. You definitely can! If you arrived at this point, this means you can do it, and you will!

So don’t overthink! Just say goodbye to your loved ones and don’t suppose that you’re abandoning them, think that you’re being an example of strength, courage and inspiration for all. Because this is what you are. During your journey you will always have to remember that what you’re doing is not easy at all. A lot of people may confuse trip with holiday, but you’re not leaving for a vacation. You are taking a journey into yourself. You are trying to discover a new reality in order to grow and learn. It won’t be easy but it will be worth it. And this is what really matters.

When you look into yourself and really understand why you are doing all this, you will be ready to go on your plane and start your adventure. It won’t just be an adventure, it will change you completely. Change the way you see people, the way you see the world but mostly.. the way you see yourself. You will understand so many things about your soul and personality that unavoidably you will question yourself  on who was the person living inside your body all of those years up to this new version of you. I can’t explain with words why this transformation happens, only we who experience it can really understand, but it happens.. and it’s the most beautiful, powerful, fulfilling sensation ever. You will feel indestructable and from this moment on, nothing will stop you!

All you have to do is chase your dreams, be strong enough to believe in them and don’t make anything or anyone hold you down.

So make a plan, follow it, take the trip.. and let the world and yourself see the new powerful, self-confident version of you!

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