Traveling in a group and Traveling alone: why I prefer the second choice

Traveling changes you deeply.

When you travel: you discover wonderful places, usually so different from the reality you’re used to see everyday; you taste different food, usually more appetizing than what you’re used to eat; you learn contrasting cultures, which appear way more interesting than your own ones. Everything seems so beautiful because it’s just so new to you, you get excited with what you see, smell, touch. It looks like what you do has a different meaning, has a different flavour. All you experience feels so amazing, but this is not the best part of traveling. You don’t only get to know a different culture, history, gastronomy… you also get to know yourself.

You take a journey into yourself, you understand who you really are and what you really want from life.

This is possible because you can take a lot of moments for yourself, in a different reality. You are always the same person, but the environment changes completley. This is the biggest of the challenges. You spend all your life trying to understand who you are in your city of birth…. and all of a sudden you get to do this all over again in a foreign country. When you travel, inevitably, you will reconsider yourself. You will feel more free to be “the you without filters”. New capabilities will reveal and some fears will just disappear.

This is where you can feel the difference between traveling alone and traveling in a group.

Traveling in a group

When you set for this type of trip, of course you will have the time of your life! You won’t have a lot of problems, you already have friends that you can trust, you have people to hang out with, to visit the city and share your emotions! If you don’t feel comfortable with the people you get to meet during your adventure you know you can always count on the people you came with, they have your same flight, they won’t abandon you and you won’t have to say goodbye forever.

The biggest issue you could experience is that not everyone wants to do and visit the same thing. Your group may not want to go to the beach and chill like you do, maybe they want to hike on top of a mountain, or maybe just go around the city and taste all the typical food. You have to deal with everyone’s desire. This can be negative but positive as well; your traveling palls could lead you to experience moments that, if alone, you wouldn’t have.

Traveling alone

Traveling alone is totally different. From the moment you decide to book the flight on your own, leave your city with your self company and realize the only person that will stay with you during your journey is yourself.. everything changes.

From this moment, the only person you can count on is yourself. You’re the only one you can trust and who can deal with your problems. You’re also the supervisor of your own trip. You can decide what you want to visit, to eat, to explore. You can decide your timetable, wake up when you feel like, without following a group schedule. You are free to decide how to organize your plans.

What really makes the big difference though, is that you learn sooo much about yourself. Not having a choice, you get to discover a side of you, that you didn’t even know about. The strong, wild, independent, crazy, happy, sociable, powerful, fearless side.  Unavoidably you will be in difficult situations, but your only alternative is to face them. I would have never imagined being able to overcome some issues, but I did. And this increased my self confidence and self esteem so much.

This is not all! You can choose to make new friends, and make them know you for what you really want to be. You can start again, be a new you or just the real you. No one can judge you for your past, everyone you meet has the power to know just the present and the future version of you.

Of course I prefer traveling alone. It’s the best way to be real, and to experience a new form of ourselves.




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